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I just found the most amazing app called Between.
Find it and enjoy it with your significant other! It’s the coolest app,
Keeps moments, notes, a chat, and so much more. Events and calendars to keep eachother updated on eachother’s lives without keeping them out of the loop.
Looking to be long distance this coming season and so glad I found this, thought I would share with tumblr!

This is amazing.
Look it up in your App Store!😋

This has been a PSA😊



Jada Pinkett-Smith is aware of the critics that frown up their noses at the way she raises her daughter, Willow. Willow cuts, dyes and styles her hair as she pleases, a fact that bothers many who feel girls shouldn’t have that much control over their appearance at such a young age.

Jada decided to address the criticism in a Facebook post:

“A letter to a friend…This subject is old but I have never answered it in its entirety. And even with this post it will remain incomplete. The question why I would LET Willow cut her hair. First the LET must be challenged. This is a world where women, girls are constantly reminded that they don’t belong to themselves; that their bodies are not their own, nor their power or self determination. I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind are HER domain. Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair. It’s also a statement that claims that even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires. Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be.”


I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged this before but seriously this is something we should be teaching all our children. Their bodies are theirs, not ours as parents. As soon as you tell someone their body doesn’t belong to theirs you take away so much from them.



It can get really confusing


It can get really confusing

That is quote unquote drunken haze. Memories haunt you till end of days.

Mind fuck without contraception. Was this idea mine or fucking inception?!

528491. cheat code is that a crime. You must be feeling the mode.

I shall never forget it. You will never let me. I am a prisoner in this society. In my mind.


All you see is a number that hasn’t done enough time. No humanity. 24601

Look Down, Look Down.

Never letting me forget I am a slave. Never forget your name.

Look Down, Look Down. Slave till I die. Only God can hear my cry.

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